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gentle reminder that eating 1200 calories a day is actually very low and extremely difficult for most people

gentle reminder that it is almost physically impossible to gain 4 pounds overnight

gentle reminder that fasting for 24 hours is a long time and can be dangerous if you are underweight

gentle reminder that it’s probably just water weight and it will go away

gentle reminder that you need carbs, fats, proteins and nutrients to function

gentle reminder that your metabolism isn’t dead and will return to normal when you start eating regularly again

gentle reminder that 1000 calories a day is the recommended amount for a 2 year old

gentle reminder that one day of binging and going way over your calorie limit won’t make you gain

I needed this really badly





Recipe Masterlist

this is part of my masterlist!


50-99 calories

100-149 calories

150+ calories






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Brownie In A Mug-40 Calories


Ill make this into a picture later, im on my computer

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1 tablespoon flour-28 cals
1 tablespoon 0 cal sugar-0 cals
1 tablespoon cocoa powder-12 cals
2 tablespoons of apple sauce-20 cals
pinch of baking soda-0 cals
pinch of salt-0 cals

Instructions Instructions

Mix all the ingredients up.
Put in microwave for 1-1:15 minutes.
Put a little bit of powdered sugar on top. (*Optional*)
Eat it up

This just saved me from the biggest binge ever and it’s actually good




Cauli Fried Rice!

Hello it’s ya fave girl coming at you with a low-cal dinner recipe that is SO healthy and good for you and makes a huge portion all under 200 calories!

200g cauliflower (50cal)

100g broccoli (34cal)

50g carrot (20cal)

30g red bell pepper (10cal)

50g frozen peas (40cal)

¼ cup egg whites (24cal) exclude if vegan!

1 tbsp soy sauce (8cal)

Pepper, chilli powder, garlic powder, etc.

Total: 186 calories !!

1) grate your cauliflower to make “rice”, and chop up your veg pretty small!

2) get a good non-stick frying pan and cook broccoli, carrot, pepper, and peas on medium heat until beginning to be tender, make sure you stir so that it doesn’t stick since we aren’t using oil.

3) add your riced cauliflower, spices, soy sauce and about a 1/4cup water, stir, turn stove to low and cover for a few mins.

4) when everything looks cooked, make a well in the middle and add your egg whites, stir them until they’re cooked and mix into the rest of the fried rice. (Skip this step if you’re vegan)

5) enjoy your yummy nutritious dinner !





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They look like actual walking goddesses.



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